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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Golden Leaves Festival 2017

This year's GLF was planned in parallel with a couple of other events: the SXSW in Frankfurt that ran from Thursday to Sunday, a Lasertag Saturday and a mini table tennis tournament on Sunday. As any other super multitalented multitasking parents would do, we kept to all engagements by setting priorities. That kept everyone happy as we were able to enjoy the best bits of everything!

Golden Leaves Festival 2017 - Darmstadt

As usual, GLF was meticulously planned. Every single prop was lovingly handcrafted, from the hand painted golden brown autumn animals murals to the colorful bunting that hung gently overhead on the arms of the beautiful giant oak trees.

Little music lovers

This year we noticed that there were even more children in the crowd than the years before - could the crowd be getting older? Man!  I was pretty envious when I saw that kids get pretty little customized necklace with an imprinted of a leaf on a wooden pendant. The tiny tots were freely roaming around happily with huge fluorescent ear plugs. Some were busy picking and sorting acorns, some carefully filling up watering cans creating more puddles, some were trying to swing like baby apes from the white stringers roped around branches.

Astronautalis at the GLF!!

No music indoctrination this time. We just dived into GLF without the usual expectations. Gentle ripples of impressions were made by the first few groups, but the big splash was without doubt made by Astronautalis. A single talented one man band with his techno rap not only brought the crowd on our feet but probably just made our day and marked THE music band for GLF 2017! Yea.....so did the really talented Icelandic VÖK - a dream-pop/indie-electronica band!

VÖK - with our not-so-tiny-tots in the first front row

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