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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From the Darß forest to the bodden countryside

Yeyaaa...! Our summer holiday this year takes us to the coast of the Baltic Sea. While we resided in a beautifully converted century old hotel which was until 2000 a retired train station in Prerow, we spent the rest of the days outdoor. To give you an idea, Prerow lies about a 2,5 hour car drive north east of Hamburg.

The ubiquitous Strandkörbe along the beaches

We chose Prerow because we read that this Baltic seaside resort is famous for its nature, the fine sandy beaches, the picturesque landscape and the many outdoor activities we could do with kids. Being hiking buffs, that was the first item on our to do list. And my, oh my...were we in for a surprise. For the very first time, we were kind of irritated with cyclists! So much for the well promoted "the primeval Darß having more than 50 km of footpaths and cycle ways". They should consider adding a footnote that cyclists take precedent, and that hikers should only hike at their own risk when using the same "footpaths"!

After that we ditched that hiking part and adopted the if you can't-beat-them-then-join-them attitude.

There's definitely plenty to do. Kids could sign up for a couple hours of photography session at the Max Hüten Haus, go sailing, snorkeling, paddling, bird watching, wildlife spotting, hanging around on the beach, and when you run out out of ideas, there's always cycling. Ha.ha..

Max Hütten Haus - let your creativity go wild!

Footnote: Because of it's distinctive bodden countryside, be sure to pack plenty of insect repellent. There're enough body of water enclosed by the peninsula, spits and islands to provide breeding grounds to some nasty and irritating mosquitoes and other bugs of the stinging kinds.

Footnote: Eat fish

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